Gomenne Kamisama (I'm sorry, God)

I'm sorry God, I have been ignored You. 
I'm sorry, Jesus.  Please forgive me.
I'm sorry, Lord.  You were cursed on the cross,
And saved us by your precious blood.

Only Jesus can cleanse our sins by His blood,
And give us eternal and wonderful life.
You are only God, Jesus Christ.

Thank you, God.  I love You with all my heart!
You saved me even though I had been a sinner.
I'm sorry, Jesus.  I do not know much about the Word of God yet.
Please let me reflect Your great love.
I long to be close to You day by day.

Help me, God. My dad and brother do not know You.
Help me, Jesus. Please save my family.
Please, Lord.  I heard this world is going to a close.
Please save the nations as soon as possible.

When I met Jesus, I knew it for the first time that
Our rejoice comes from only Jesus.
I want to live in the House of the Lord
With a lot of Christians.

I think I can do something for You, Jesus.
Please tell me anything.  I want to work with You, Lord.

Copyright 2001,  Kyoko Sugita

Kyoko Sugita- My Testimony

When I was a university student, I met Jesus and made friends with Him though YWAM, a team from the United States. It took several years that I decided to be baptized in water because I was concerned about my mother, who was a strong new religion believer and passed away when I was 18 years old.

My family was broken because my father was an alcoholic and abused my brother and me. I ran away from home and began to live alone. A couple of years later, God guided me to go to CFN Japan in Hokkaido. The first year of Bible School it was so hard for me to live at a dormitory because I felt much loneliness. One night, when I was crying in silence, Jesus gave me two songs and comforted me.

After I graduated CFN Japan, I transferred to CFNI. I met Robb and Julie Jacobs in my class here in Dallas, Texas. God gave me such a great opportunity to share songs to others. Jesus is changing me and restoring my family now. (Romans 8:28) The message which I long for you to tell the most is, God is with you in hard time of your life."

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